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On May 2nd Vallen (a division of Sonepar Canada) launched the new website, which has been reinvented to showcase their latest innovation.

The efficiency of the new website has significantly improved with an increased load time, search capabilities and an enhanced product catalogue. All of the changes produced on the new website have been implemented in order to meet the demand of their customers. Welcome to the New Vallen Website

“Our website was very static and did not engage very well with our customers. The new website enhances and showcases Vallen’s capabilities and will continue to feature the Vallen products, as well as allow customers to purchase products when registered,” said Vallen Director of Marketing, Ken Grieves.

The website also emphasises the importance of E-commerce with new functionalities such as request a quote and direct access to Eleknet from Vallen’s product pages.

“The new website reflects the growing power of the Vallen brand with our existing customer as well as those searching for a company committed to being La Reference in providing clients with a safe, healthy and productive work environment,” said Vallen President, Guy Mersereau. “It builds on our nearly 80 years of experience but is fresh, current and engaging.”

Additional features to Vallan’s new website includes an informative video section, subscribe & save options, French translations and much more. For more information about the new website please visit




About Vallen:
Vallen has unrivalled proficiency in the business-to-business supply of safety, facilities maintenance and MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) products and services. They offer comprehensive custom service programs, vending solutions, application and product training, with accurate cost control and reporting to help their customers work smarter.
About Sonepar Canada:
A member of the Sonepar Group, Sonepar Canada is the country’s largest privately-held electrical products’ distributor and a supplier of safety, facilities maintenance and MRO products and services. We employ over 1900 Canadians operating out of 105 facilities across the country. Affiliates of Sonepar Canada include: Texcan, Gescan, Vallen, Lumen, MGM and Sonepar Ontario.

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